Accounting Services for Small Business

Small business accounting is safe and efficient in an age when technology has made the world a much smaller place. Through email, phone, fax, file transfer, desktop sharing, and real-time online messaging, your accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping documents can be easily communicated or transferred to and from Virtual Associates.

We use all of the most contemporary programs available including Microsoft Office Suite, Turbo Tax, QuickBooks, and Quicken.

Virtual Associates is also willing to use your industry-specific software as desired in order to provide the outsourced accounting services you need.

Accounts Receivable

Virtual Associates will invoice your customers and collect your money for you.

We will invoice your customers via email for faster delivery as often as needed. We will also follow up to see that your customers pay you on time, or provide collection services for those of your customers who may have forgotten to send their payment.

Accounts Payable

Virtual Associates will pay your vendors for you so that you have more time to focus on growing your business.

You can have your bills come to our office where we will enter them into the accounting software. Or, if you prefer, you can have them continue to come to your location and you can then fax or email them to us for data entry.

We will establish a regular payment schedule for your business and submit a list of invoices-to-be-paid for your approval. We can then either issue the checks and send them to you for manual signature, use a signature stamp, or set up online bill payment.

Financial Reporting

Virtual Associates will conduct a monthly review and analysis of your General Ledger. We will then provide you, the business owner or manager, with monthly financial statements to show you how your business is doing.

We can also provide customized reports to assist you in making the decisions necessary to make your business it’s most profitable. Browse our blog for helpful articles.

Contact us for customized small business accounting services with a personal touch.